Education & Special Needs

The iPad and iPod touch are becoming widely accepted as breakthroughs in educational environments, and as assistive-technology devices. Many teachers, SLPs and OTs all over the world are finding BubCaps to be indispensable aids, helping keep kids focused on the apps they are supposed to be using. We invite you to review our long list of educational and assistive-technology recommendations here.

We typically recommend the BubCap Max or Ultra on the iPad, and the BubCap Ultra or regular on the iPad touch and iPhone. More demanding educational situations can benefit from our new industrial-strength BubCap Pro, a rigid aluminum home button cover that is practically impossible to remove by hand, and only allows home button activation by inserting a toothpick through a small hole.

Please read our Learn and Support sections before ordering, as iDevices have evolved a lot since we introduced BubCaps, and many new devices don't work well with BubCaps.

In addition to our standard purchase options, we have a special Amazon Store for Bulk purchases. We also accept educational purchase orders with a minimum $10 order (click through our checkout to see the applicable shipping charges for your order). Purchase orders can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to (310) 827-4018.

Specially adapted BubCap Pro are available from special needs / assistive-technology resource RJ Cooper & Associates.

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